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Help us put something back

We understand at Rhubarb that life is not just about success and making lots of money.

Whilst we are running a successful business here in the uk and reaping all the benefits that that brings - there are those around the world that don't have the most basic requirements for living.

We've decided that it would be good to spread some of our 'bounty' to those born into less fortunate 'environments' around the world. 10% of all our profits are set aside for this purpose. That means that if you are one of our clients; by using rhubarb to source your staff you are automatically giving to some of the good causes you can read about below.

We know that we can't help every person in the world that needs help. We are also wary about giving to large charities where a large % of the money given is spent on administration - so instead we choose to directly help as many individuals or families as possible. Every penny of this fund reaches those in more need than us. Not a penny is spent on admin. We choose to give to or through grass root organisations who are working face to face with those we aim to help.

By using Rhubarb Recruitment to source your staff you are helping someone else to have a better life. Thank you.


Medicins Sans Frontiers

:: Doctors Without Borders :: Medecins Sans Frontiers ::
We don't usually give to large charities but we have chosen to make an exception for MSF - their work is cutting edge and at the fore front of worldwide humanitarian relief. An international humanitarian aid organization providing emergency medical aid in more than 80 countries. Rhubarb Recruitment has committed to give to MSF on a monthly basis - our donations will help support self contained and transportable surgical units that can be deployed anywhere in the world as well as helping immunise children in the poorest parts of the world from terrible diseases. Please click here if you'd like to set up your own monthly donation to MSF.

:: The Ginette Harrison School | Nepal :: Shiva Charity

Nepal | Windows Media File << Play Video >>

We help to support the work that Shiva Charity does in setting up basic schooling facilities in poor areas of Sri Lanka, India and Nepal. The video above shows one of the schools built and financed by Shiva. A school like the one pictured below costs just £2600 to build and £60 per month to maintain, including paying for a teacher and other supplies!

One of Shiva's nurseries lost all of its children in the Tsunami Christmas 2004 (Read more...)

This is one of 5 nurseries just built by Shiva in Sri Lanka. Its one of a total of twenty they are building in the area to replace those lost by the Tsunami. Jan 2005 Update: Of the 20 nurseries planned after the tsunami; Shiva has managed to completely build 21 to date!

:: The 'River Boat' Trinidad - Amazon Basin | Bolivia ::

In October 2004 we sent contributions to a small church in the jungle town of Trinidad, which lies in the lowlands of Bolivia - South America. As well as running a small church in the town, John Suarez helps to run and operate a river boat which is regularly taken deep into the interior and reaches small villages otherwise unreachable by foot or road with medical supplies, school books, pens and other basic items which are other wise unavailable to these people. Donations were passed directly to Pastor John through Latin Link.

Please feel free to speak to us for more information about these and other projects we are helping to fund.

email matt@rhubarbrecruitment.com or call 0117 972 8117